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Once you used our services at Tallaslions, all your informations are used with care and respect. In our privacy policy is explained how we use your data/how you can opt out and how can be access it.

Tallaslions Privacy Policy


If you are reading this, then you care about privacy and your privacy is very important for us.

To give you a clear explanation it’s our purpose of this statement, how the data is collected , and how we processing your personal information through our website (“Website”), or our ‘partner’ app (“App”).

It is important that you read this Privacy Policy together with our cookies policy (“Cookies Policy”), or fairly processing notice we may provide on specific occasions when we collect or processing personal data about our clients, so that you are aware of how and why we are using your personal information. This Privacy Policy supplements our other policies and will no override them.

Privacy Policy has been made in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 which implements the General Data Protection Regulation (or such UK legislation intended to replace or supersede it) (“Data Privacy Laws”). Defined terms used in the Privacy Policy have the meanings set out in the Data Privacy Laws.

This Privacy Policy is to be used by Tallaslions clients (“Customers”), van partners (“Transport Partners”) and third-party or sub-contracted drivers (“Drivers”). Sections 1 – 3 below apply to those users.

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